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            Part No. Features Vcc Pd(mW) Package
            93334 High Energy Ignition Circuit 4V~24V 1050mW SOP-8
            L2044 Dual Output Flasher 8V~18V PL=1.0W(min) DIP-14/SOP-14
            LL204 Dual Output LED Flasher Controller 8V~18V PL=1.0W DIP-14 SOP-14
            UAC3092 Alternator Voltage Regulator 24V 867/1000mW SOP-20 SOP-24
            UAC3092A Alternator Voltage Regulator 24V 867 SOP-20
            UU642 interval and wipe/wash wiper control ic 16.5 500 DIP-8 / SOP-8
            UU6043B flasher ic with 18m? shunt 16.5 340 / 560 SOP-8
            U2043 flasher, 30-mω shunt, pilot lamp to gnd or vbatt 9~15 V 420/340/690/560 DIP-8 SOP-8

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