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            FET Bias Controllers 
            Part No. Features Vcc(range) Pd(mW) package
            L8312 Dual Polarization and Tone Switch Controller 5V~ 12V 600mW SSOP-16
            L8020 Dual Polarsation Switch Twin LNB Multiper Controller 5V~ 15V 500mW SOP-8
            UCD4015 cmos dual 4-stage static shift register -0.5 ~ 20 500 SOP-16/TSSOP-16
            L8001 fet bias controller -0.6~8 - SSOP-20
            UCD4015B CMOS Dual 4-Stage Static Shift Register -0.5 ~ 20 V 500 SOP-16 TSSOP-16
            L8200 L8200A confidential, supplide unde nda single lnb-bias, control and power management solution -0.6~25 1.3 TSSOP-16 QFN-16(3x3...
            L8401 fet bias controller -0.6~8 - SSOP-16
            LB8102 DISEqC SWITCH IC -0.6~7V 300mW SOP-8
            L8221 single lnb–bias, control and power management solution VIN = -0.6 ~ 25 V 1000mW HSOP-8
            L8002 fet bias controller 2.375 ~ 2.625 V ID= 8 ~ 12 mA SSOP-20(150mil)
            L88312 short circuit protect block for lnb VIN= 8 ~ 32V IIN= 3~ 6 mA SOP-8
            L8402 low power 4 stage fet bias controller 3V~8V ICC= 1.4~ 4.0 mA SSOP-16 QFN-16
            L8602 low power 6 stage fet lna and mixer bias controller 3.0V to 8.0V ICC= 1.6~ 4.0 mA QFN-20
            L4002 fet bias controller 2.375V~2.625V ICC= 6 ~ 10 mA SOP-16

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