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            • Power Management
                Linear Regulators
                Low Dropout Linear Regulators
                DDR Termination Regulators
                Shunt Reference Regulators
                Step Down Switching Regulators
                Switching Regulator
                Step-Up DC-DC Converter
                PWM Controller
                White LED Driver
                Supervisory Circuit
                Voltage Detection and System R
                USB Power Switch
                Power Factor Control
                Li-Battery Protection or Charg
                FET Bias Controllers
                Combo IC
                Inverting DC-DC Converter
            • Amplifier / Comparator
                Audio Amplifiers
                Operational Amplifier
                Voltage Comparator
            • Analog Switches
                Video Signal Switch
                Analog Multiplexers, Demultipl
            • Hall ICs
            • Special Application ICs
                Motor Controller IC
                Interface and Driver Circuit
                Telecommunication Circuit
                Melody IC
                Alarm /Sound Generator IC
                Remote Controller IC
                Television Circuit
                Leakage Current Detector
                Automotive IC
                A-D or D-A Converters
                Radio and Cassette Recorder Ci
                Mouse&Keyboard Controller
                Transient Voltage Suppressors
                Sense Monitor
                Video Filter
                ZCB snubber
            • Logic
            • TRANSISTORs
            • MOSFETs
                Power Mosfet
            • TRIACs
            • SCRs
            • DIODEs
            Notice: Unisonic was established in 1990 to focus on, analog ICs and discrete components Discre sales network: Dalian Lian Shun, Shenzhen Jin Shunli, Wuxi Woori, Xiamen Yuan Shun.
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            brief description

            2N60 2A,600V N-CHANNEL?POWER MOSFET
            4N60 4A,600V N-CHANNEL POWER MOSFET
            50N06 50Amps,60 Volts N-CHANNEL POWER MOSFET
            UF840 8A,500V, 0.85Ω,N-CHANNEL POWER MOSFET
            MJE13001 npn epitaxial silicon transistor
            MJE13002 npn silicon power transistor
            MJE13003 npn silicon power transistor
            MJE13005 npn silicon power transistor
            MJE13007 npn bipolar power transistor for switching power supply applications
            MJE13009 switchmode series npn silicon power transistors
            2SC2625 high voltage high speed switching
            2SC3320 high voltage high speed switching
            BU931 npn power darlington
            BU941 npn power darlington high voltage ignition coil driver
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