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            Design Center
            Dalian / Xiamen
            Above: 150
            Capacity: circuit programming.

            Production base
            LSE's first production base, located in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, including the chip plant and packaging plant, have passed ISO9002 and ISO14000 quality system certification; chip plant has a 4 inch and 6-inch production line, annual production capacity of 540,000 tablets of 4 inches and 6-inch 300,000 pieces; packaging factory has diversified and complete packaging production line, covering integrated circuits, discrete components, power transistors, including: SOP, DIP, TO-92 TO-220 TO-252, TO-126 series, such as the SOT series, the monthly production capacity of up to 230KK.
            Number of employees: about 1,100
            LSE chip manufacturing plant, with the main production line for transistors and CMOS integrated circuits. Produce 4-inch chip, the annual production capacity of up to 480,000 tablets. Number of employees: 350;
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